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​A collaborative, site- & place-specific performative installation
for Porthmeor Studios & Cellars in St Ives, Cornwall, running from 2nd - 15th June 2018

We are interested in the notion of 'trace' in all its manifestations: the manifold meanings & associations of the word
as noun, verb, & its cognates ('track' for example), & how it enables us to explore & link aspects of:

memory, history, change, the fragment, layers, palimpsests, the physical, the numinous;
what trace brings, what it leaves, the traces we find, the traces we make, & the traces we follow onwards.

Our site & its situation exemplify this in ways literal & metaphorical - both Porthmeor Studios & St Ives show complex active layers of uses & relationships historical & current through a continuum of occupancy over time.  
To take one example: the shifting relationships between fishing, the arts & tourism can be explored through both past & active interactions between people, & are also clearly present in the architectures - & these are both interdependent.

We explore all this via a collaboration of different perspectives - visual & interdisciplinary artists, musicians, composers all bring their personal & particular investigations. These elements are brought together over the fortnight, with the installation gradually accumulating & being transformed through our collaborative practice, a structured process working across two spaces (the exhibition space of Studio 10 wth its sea view, & the enclosed space of Cellar 4).

Desciption by Gavin Osborn

Below is a selection of videos from our daily performances. Visit time-trace-place website for more photos, videos and information.

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