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Standing Man is a site-specific performance and protest for the Late Night Radicals event on the 9th May 2019 at the People’s History Museum, Manchester.

Standing man was also featured in a mix by WEȽ∝KER on Reform Radio. Listen to the mix here!

Inspired by Erdem Gunduz’s #duranadam protest in Taksim Square, 2013, Standing Man is a sonic exploration of the power of gathering together, and the power of communications technology in strengthening and spreading a cause.


Erdem Gunduz’s original protest was against the brutal police response to demonstrators in Turkey. The performance/protest in Standing Man can be about any cause you deem worth standing for. As you stand together and listen to the sounds surrounding you, for what cause do you feel strongly? That’s what Standing Man is about for you


▪ Duranadam: the leader. This performer wears a bluetooth speaker on their person, attatched to a bag or held in the hand, connected to a sound-playing device.

 ▪ Others (6+): other performers involved with the event, guaranteed to be in the galleries, with their phones. 

▪ Public visitors to the PHM. 

▪ A single good-quality speaker at the front desk of the PHM.


Standing Man begins with the duranadam walking round one of the galleries of the PHM. They will appear as a normal gallery-goer, but sound will be emitting from their person. Any other performers they walk past in the space will follow the duranadam on their journey round the Gallery, down the stairs and into the foyer. 
Here, the music emitting from the duranadam will reach its peak, followed by silence. We all stand together as a drone begins to sound from the duranadam. The standing protest has begun. The 6+ others will have sound files on their phones – other drones and textures – that can be played at will. This will create a spatialised soundscape that will be stronger and denser the more people are involved. A QR code will be available for members of the public who wish to join in with the performance/protest. This QR code will open a soundfile that they can play from their own phones. 
As these drones morph and develop, a single speaker, situated on the front desk of the PHM, will begin emitting sound. All those involved with the performance/protest are encouraged to move around and hear what everyone else has coming from their phones. 
After some minutes, sound from the speaker will reach its sonic climax, followed by the instructions, “Please Disperse.” The others will disperse to where they came from but duranadam will stay until everyone, including the public, has gone. 


September 2020

May 2019

Reform Radio, UK

People's History Museum, UK

Standing Man PHM Performance

Standing Man PHM Performance

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