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‘Most of them don’t understand why you spent so much money on animals and just beside you have very poor people… so you have to explain why, that the ultimate goal is for people, for the wellbeing of people…’

Fiovan’ny ala (change of the forest) is a sonic exploration of two locations in Madagascar, Ankarafantsika National Park and Lake Alaotra, and the conservation work being undertaken there. All the sounds originate from fieldwork done in these two locations in September 2022 or from recordings of captive lemurs taken at Jersey Zoo.

The fieldwork was kindly funded by Jersey Overseas Aid to further public engagement with their conservation livelihood project in Madagascar, which aims to enhance the wellbeing of over 2,000 nature-dependent households in 14 communities through improved food security, reproductive health, and better access to community finance schemes in a way that also reduces negative impacts on the long-term sustainability of their natural resource base.

Many thanks to the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust team in Madagascar and my research assistant, RAZAFIMANTSOA Sahobiniriana Tsiky Mamy Ifitiavaniaina.


March 2023

March 2024



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