Plémont released for ROAMING SOUNDTRACK by ArtHouse Jersey

In January 2021, I was commissioned by Rob da Bank and ArtHouse Jersey to write a piece of music inspired by one of the famous and beautiful vistas around the island of Jersey. Our music would then be paired with a fantastic photograph by a local artist, and residents and visitors would be invited to listen to our works while on location.

I immediately gravitated towards Plémont Bay, one of the most stunning and eclectic pieces of coastline on Jersey. With the waterfalls and the streams and the caves and the sea, there was so much sound going on, I knew I had to take field recordings and use them to write a piece of music. The piece was so be paired with a photograph by Will Lakeman.

Plémont takes you round all the different corners of this remarkable bay; the dripping caves, the rushing waterfalls, the gentle streams, the great expanse of sand and sea. It was composed using field recordings taken one cold and beautiful January morning, when the tide was just about far out enough for access, with only the gulls and crows and choughs for company. While wading in one of the caves, I had the sudden impulse to whistle and wait for the walls to answer me with an echo. This moment of connection with the cave was the initial inspiring spark for me and features heavily in the piece.

ROAMING SOUNDTRACK was released on the 29th March 2021. Plémont is featured alongside music by Nitin Sawhney CBE, Hiatus, Groove Armada, Andrea Belfi, Sam Lee and Kate Stables.

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Photo by Will Lakeman